Research on Optimization Site Selection of Aquatic Product Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Center Distribution Center
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KeyWord:Cold chain logistic, Distribution center location, Genetic algorithm
Qin Meina School of Management Engineering and Business Hebei University of Engineering, Handan , Hebei China
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      The emergence of cold chain logistics and the development of refrigeration technology, so that fresh aquatic products can be sold from coastal areas to various areas of the Mainland. To keep the freshness of aquatic products for a long time, it considers establishing distribution centers at the source of water products. Based on the theory of location of distribution center, the construction of distribution center is analyzed in a simple way. This paper mainly considers the location of distribution center from the perspective of the enterprise, and establishes the optimized location model with the goal of minimizing the cost, the genetic algorithm is used to solve the problem, finally, the validity and applicability of this algorithm and model are proved by an example.