History of container building and its development in China
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KeyWord:Container, Container Building, Architecture
Zeming Fang Hebei University of Engineering
Zhijun Li Hebei University of Engineering
Yunfeng Wu Hebei University of Engineering
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      This paper reviews the process of development of container building as well as its application and development in China. Firstly, it introduces the emergence of container transportation and its rapid development. Then, we analyze social problems which container transportation brings to us and how such kind of transport pattern came into being. Thirdly, this paper mostly focuses on the process of development of container building. Finally, we discuss the current situation and prospect of development of container building as well as its necessity. According to the general law of development, we comparatively analyze the phased characteristics of the emergence, development and maturity process of container building. In conclusion, the emergence of container building is a sort of response to the social problem of waste containers and such buildings don’t have to be old or shabby, dealt in a proper way, they could also show considerable quality and fun.