Applications of AHP-Optimal evaluation method in architectural engineering project risk assessment
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KeyWord:Goodness evaluation method, The AHP method, Project risk assessment
Tingting Liang Hebei University of Engineering School of Management Engineering and Business.
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      The project risk assessment is a very important process. In order to more clearly know the frequency of the occurrence of risk and the risk of loss caused by the severity, optimal evaluation method will be applied in construction project risk assessment. First, we determine the measure conditions, following by AHP method to determine the weights of each index. The method is according to the relative importance of each index, which is assigned the appropriate weight to ensure that the final result is more reasonable. Finally, by optimal evaluation method we calculate the size of the goodness and press each risk on risk sort. It can be drawn from the various risks associated with the extent the loss. The results show that the method is simple, and very practical.