Investment Risk Management Based on Equal Risk Graph Method and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
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KeyWord:Project investment; Equal risk graph method; Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation; Investment risk; Risk assessment
Jianchai Zhao School of Management Engineering and Business Hebei University of Engineering, Handan , Hebei China
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      There are a lot of risk factors in the construction of the project. One can not ignore various risk factors when real estate enterprises invest in projects. Real estate enterprises in the project investment must take full account of the various risk factors. Due to the uncertainty of these risk factors during the operation of the project, the investment risk is formed. In order to avoid risks as much as possible, managers need to be fully, rationally and objectively analyzed before investing. The article combines the method of equal risk graph with quantitative performance and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. First, the relevant knowledge of the equal risk is introduced, and the calculation method of risk occurrence probability and influence consequence is put forward. Then, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is used to evaluate each risk factor in the project case. The purpose is to study the probability of occurrence of risk and the degree of impact on the project. This paper measures the value of investment risk in a quantitative way in engineering project. It is for the real estate enterprises to provide a reasonable basis for investment decisions, which may provide some references for similar projects in the future.