Volume 3,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

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A virtual machine migration algorithm based on dynamically changing thresholds
  Qianqian Feng and Bingjiang Gong
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):1-8 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 347.71 K (93)]
Investment Risk Management Based on Equal Risk Graph Method and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
  Jianchai Zhao
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):9-15 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF 327.63 K (90)]
Optimum design of roadway support under dynamic pressure
  Xuke Ren
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):16-20 [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (91)]
Study on geological environment impact assessment for Sitai mine
  Shengwen Guo
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):21-26 [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF 233.94 K (87)]
Applications of AHP-Optimal evaluation method in architectural engineering project risk assessment
  Tingting Liang
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):27-32 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 318.78 K (89)]
Optimization of heat and mass transfer process between humid air and water based on entransy theory
  Xu Zhao and Lingling Bao
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):33-41 [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF 766.70 K (90)]
Risk sharing mechanism research based on the PPP model of urban rail transit project
  Yudan Zhao and Jiyong Li
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):42-49 [Abstract(213)]  [View PDF 303.88 K (85)]
History of container building and its development in China
  Zeming Fang, Zhijun Li and Yunfeng Wu
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):50-57 [Abstract(182)]  [View PDF]
Supply chain risk identification based on inherent safety
  Liangfei Sun and Xiao Zhang
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):58-64 [Abstract(181)]  [View PDF 264.60 K (83)]
Estimation of Handan City surface Evapotranspiration and related factors analysis
  Jiawei Hao, Anbing Zhang and Hefeng Wang
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):65-69 [Abstract(193)]  [View PDF 345.16 K (87)]
Research on Optimization Site Selection of Aquatic Product Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Center Distribution Center
  Qin Meina
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):70-77 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 332.62 K (85)]
The Green Transformation Strategy of Handan Old Residential Area in the Information Age
  Yan Xiaoliang and Yang Caihong
  Published 1月 30日, 2017
  2017,3(4):78-86 [Abstract(205)]  [View PDF 289.99 K (82)]