Volume 2,Issue 4,2016 Table of Contents

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A simple discussion on urban recreational business districts
  Chen Shen and Lijun Liu
  2016,2(4):1-7 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 503.16 K (49)]
“Beautiful Country” Linzhang County Bingmazhai Village construction planning and design research
  Lu Guo and Fengming Sun
  2016,2(4):8-13 [Abstract(122)]  [View PDF 368.11 K (48)]
Report on the external space investigation of the industrial heritage building
  Yang Chao
  2016,2(4):14-18 [Abstract(120)]  [View PDF 102.80 K (47)]
A privacy protection method based on the attributes weighting and correlation of multiple sensitive attributes
  Yanguang Shen, Meng Zhang and Di Wu
  2016,2(4):19-25 [Abstract(134)]  [View PDF 434.44 K (55)]
Hebei province south urban vertical greening-In Handan Lianfang Road frontage community case
  Xiaohui Yao
  2016,2(4):26-35 [Abstract(127)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (43)]
Relationship between positive emotion and employee job performance -- A case study of construction enterprises
  Panpan Chen
  2016,2(4):36-43 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 172.34 K (44)]
Research on the risk assessment of building construction project based on Principal Component Analysis
  Ruijing Yu
  2016,2(4):44-54 [Abstract(126)]  [View PDF 201.91 K (50)]
The determination of mine hoist for force diagram based on LabView
  Guimei Wang and Zheng Su
  2016,2(4):55-61 [Abstract(123)]  [View PDF 490.48 K (40)]
Research on the design and implementation of human resource management information system of Agricultural Bank
  Xiaoyun Zhang and Xianhui Jiang
  2016,2(4):62-69 [Abstract(130)]  [View PDF 215.76 K (57)]
Experimental study on Removal of CaCO3 scales on a filter metal mesh using pulsed spark discharge in water
  Xudong Gao, Xingnan Deng and Kaiqing Xue
  2016,2(4):70-76 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 458.74 K (57)]
The review of ant colony algorithm based on TSP
  Xiaomeng Qi
  2016,2(4):77-84 [Abstract(147)]  [View PDF 258.69 K (47)]
Non-cooperative traffic rate distribution model with path stability and prioritized data traffic constraints for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  Long Zhang, Chunhong Bai and Fan Zhuo
  2016,2(4):85-94 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 545.59 K (42)]
Study of the asynchronous motor vector control system based on the Anti - Windup PI controller
  Jingli Miao and Xuequn Bi
  2016,2(4):95-101 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 830.10 K (44)]
Analysis on thermodynamic performance of CO2/R290 two-effect system for refrigeration and heating pump
  Jinggang Wang, Lihong Yan and Wei Liu
  2016,2(4):201-110 [Abstract(119)]  [View PDF 423.32 K (48)]