Volume 2,Issue 3,2016 Table of Contents

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On joint power forecast increnmental conductance algorithm of adaptive-variable step for MPPT
  Zenghuan Liu and Yajing Wu
  2016,2(3):1-9 [Abstract(117)]  [View PDF 756.82 K (42)]
Application of PDA data acquisition system in multi-function production line of heavy rail
  Guimei Wang and Chunxue Zhang
  2016,2(3):10-14 [Abstract(118)]  [View PDF 165.21 K (39)]
The simulation and study on the coupled structure for the rail-type contactless power transfer system
  Guoxing Zhang and Qiusheng Li
  2016,2(3):15-19 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 314.44 K (44)]
Fuzzy evaluation of green building decision-making risks based on AHP
  Yanan Wu
  2016,2(3):20-26 [Abstract(149)]  [View PDF 161.38 K (38)]
Application of rough set and genetic algorithm improved BP neural network in supply chain performance management
  Qingkui Cao, Haiqian Su and Xiangyang Ren
  2016,2(3):27-33 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 226.44 K (40)]
A brief analysis of the green building management
  Kun Jiang
  2016,2(3):34-41 [Abstract(119)]  [View PDF 481.46 K (41)]
Review on gas monitoring data fusion algorithms
  Xin Xu, Zhihua Li, Zuopeng Li and Ya Sun
  2016,2(3):42-50 [Abstract(117)]  [View PDF 251.23 K (41)]
Geochemistry of the associated elements in the Late Permian Coal from the Jinjia Mine, SW Guizhou
  Kang Gao, Xiaoyun Guang, Wei Pian, Qingfu Lu and Xiang Nie
  2016,2(3):51-60 [Abstract(126)]  [View PDF 506.26 K (44)]
Research on development of new energy vehicle industry
  Weihua Yang, Wenye Sun and Zhixin Xu
  2016,2(3):61-67 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 204.68 K (39)]
Status and developing tendency of coal mine in internet of thing
  Ya Sun, Zhihua Li, Zuopeng Li and Xin Xu
  2016,2(3):68-76 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 552.00 K (42)]
Diffusion of space research
  Xin Zhang
  2016,2(3):77-82 [Abstract(126)]  [View PDF 100.72 K (41)]
Research on the landscape design of urban green space based on the character of the site
  Qinghong Li and Guangyu Ma
  2016,2(3):83-87 [Abstract(114)]  [View PDF 309.66 K (41)]
Comparison of the solar adsorption refrigeration and the vapor compression refrigeration
  Mujie Li
  2016,2(3):88-92 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 255.09 K (42)]
The discussion of the problem which the water soil agitation pile has
  Zhicai Liu
  2016,2(3):93-98 [Abstract(102)]  [View PDF 343.65 K (42)]
Research on the new countryside reconstruction and design under the background of new-type urbanization
  Xinyuan Li
  2016,2(3):99-106 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (40)]