Volume 2,Issue 2,2016 Table of Contents

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Study on the traffic problem in Handan
  Li Han and Mei Bai
  2016,2(2):1-6 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 417.77 K (37)]
The unidirectionality of architecture
  Xiaowei Chen and Xi Wang
  2016,2(2):7-10 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 245.11 K (35)]
Optimum design of large-span steel arch truss based on APDL language
  Dandan Ma, Hanlong Cui and Yapeng Zhang
  2016,2(2):11-17 [Abstract(127)]  [View PDF 616.05 K (39)]
Experimental study on the workability and strength of recycled concrete
  Zhijun Li and Cui Zhang
  2016,2(2):18-22 [Abstract(130)]  [View PDF 257.22 K (34)]
A numerical analysis for the uniaxial compression characteristics of brittle rock material in FLAC 3D
  Xue Zhong, Yanhua Guo and Guangnan Ma
  2016,2(2):23-27 [Abstract(134)]  [View PDF 245.94 K (34)]
Analyzing of critical CO2 and [em im] [tF2N] of ionic liquid as working substance for thermodynamic calculation of absorption refrigeration system
  Liang Wang and Jinggang Wang
  2016,2(2):28-35 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 355.82 K (42)]
Rotational axes and pose analysis of the 2-RPU/SPR parallel mechanism
  Tengteng Chi and Shasha Zhou
  2016,2(2):36-42 [Abstract(135)]  [View PDF 552.90 K (38)]
Constraints and solutions on improving the quality of the professional degree at graduate level : A case study of Yanshan University
  Peilong Wang, Min Wang, Hongwei Gong and Zhaojun Zhou
  2016,2(2):43-52 [Abstract(127)]  [View PDF 139.83 K (38)]
The trace elements in coal geochemistry
  Xiang Nie
  2016,2(2):53-58 [Abstract(126)]  [View PDF 268.74 K (35)]
The research Of AHP-Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in the risk analysis of construction project
  Lifen Wang, June Liu and Zhanglin Guo
  2016,2(2):59-65 [Abstract(102)]  [View PDF 255.14 K (37)]
Land surface temperature retrieval of shijin irrigation district based on landsat 8 image
  Jiaojiao He, Xinxia Liu, Hefeng Wang, Anbing Zhang and Haixi Liu
  2016,2(2):66-72 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 597.97 K (38)]
A study on credit risk evaluation model of SMEs under prepayments financing pattern---based on supply chain financial perspective
  Xiaoyun Mi
  2016,2(2):73-80 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 156.50 K (35)]
The study of communication space development in foreign universities
  Yuanyang Zhao and Na Niu
  2016,2(2):81-85 [Abstract(121)]  [View PDF 90.87 K (37)]
Thermodynamic calculation of CO2 across critical two-stage compression refrigeration cycle
  Jiaying Wang and Lingling Bao
  2016,2(2):86-90 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 139.43 K (42)]
“Appropriate technology” in green architecture technology
  Xiaowei Chen, Caihong Yang and Xi Chen
  2016,2(2):91-94 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 83.42 K (36)]