Volume 2,Issue 1,2016 Table of Contents

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Study on the effectiveness of direct evaporative cooling system in Urumqi
  Kanhong Wang, Zhen Yang, Jinghui Luo and Zhiqiang Cui
  2016,2(1):1-6 [Abstract(80)]  [View PDF 241.57 K (42)]
Research on energy conservation and consumption reduction in large commercial buildings
  Guochen Chen and Xiaoning Li
  2016,2(1):7-13 [Abstract(79)]  [View PDF 215.95 K (43)]
Reliability analysis of tilting and portable lifting equipment
  Wenyue Bi, Guiying Yao and Xiaohang Yuan
  2016,2(1):14-21 [Abstract(72)]  [View PDF 728.75 K (40)]
Research on the spread and control of rumors and positive energy in school environment
  Xiaoyun Guang and Long Sheng
  2016,2(1):22-29 [Abstract(101)]  [View PDF 543.17 K (37)]
Research and development of HRSG with Three-interconnect Heat Tube
  Shaojie Zhang
  2016,2(1):30-34 [Abstract(78)]  [View PDF 239.67 K (39)]
Research on path planning for swarm robots’ formation and obstacle avoidance
  Dingding Wei, Linmao Li and Wei Wang
  2016,2(1):35-39 [Abstract(73)]  [View PDF 280.75 K (42)]
Analysis of driectly buried glass fiber reinforced plastics polyurethane insulation pipes heat loss
  Shaoshan Yu, Jinggang Wang, Lingling Bao and Lihong Yan
  2016,2(1):40-45 [Abstract(82)]  [View PDF 290.19 K (46)]
Research of the mode of traditional residence in south Hebei province
  Yan Zhang and Xue Yuan
  2016,2(1):46-50 [Abstract(66)]  [View PDF 271.69 K (191)]
Research on the city ventilation corridor–Taking Handan as an example
  Xiaowei Chen, Caihong Yang and Haitao Lian
  2016,2(1):51-55 [Abstract(74)]  [View PDF 180.01 K (41)]
Green application and Design principle of PK prestressed composite slab
  Xinwei Li, Xia Su and Yaguang Yan
  2016,2(1):56-65 [Abstract(83)]  [View PDF 309.09 K (40)]
Impact of salinity and sodium adsorption ratio on soil moisture movement under brackish water film hole irrigation
  Siqi Liu, Chao Ma and Dongjuan Cheng
  2016,2(1):66-70 [Abstract(78)]  [View PDF 571.89 K (46)]
Research on SMEs’ recruitment management of new generation migrant workers under the New Normal State of China’s Ecomomy
  Xianhui Jiang
  2016,2(1):71-76 [Abstract(87)]  [View PDF 101.41 K (39)]
Thermal analysis of solar ejector refrigeration system using R290 as refrigerant
  Lipeng Yao and Jing gang Wang
  2016,2(1):77-81 [Abstract(89)]  [View PDF 238.22 K (41)]
A review on the utilisation of coal fly ash
  Shanshan Zhao
  2016,2(1):82-89 [Abstract(76)]  [View PDF 336.42 K (40)]
The impact analysis of different rock face temperature to rock-shotcrete bonding strength
  Yu Duan and Hui Su
  2016,2(1):90-95 [Abstract(75)]  [View PDF 585.16 K (39)]
Analysis of rainwater resources in Dongfeng Lake watershed groudwater recharging
  Jiadai Shan, Feng Wang and Haoyun Hu
  2016,2(1):96-102 [Abstract(80)]  [View PDF 259.04 K (40)]