Volume 1,Issue 3,2015 Table of Contents

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Discovery, protection, regeneration--renovation of the ancient dwellings in Fanxiacao Village of Shahe City
  Di Wu and Caihong Yang
  2015,1(3):1-8 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 675.43 K (35)]
Design and implementation of software defined networks
  Shanshan Wu and Danping Ren
  2015,1(3):9-14 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 347.19 K (38)]
Application of fuzzy expert system in coal mine high-water filling monitor
  Fan Yang
  2015,1(3):15-21 [Abstract(115)]  [View PDF 337.95 K (33)]
Study on the sustainable development of the protection of the traditional village
  Fang Tian and Ping Jia
  2015,1(3):22-29 [Abstract(114)]  [View PDF 487.21 K (31)]
Study on characters of microorganism and community in biological aerated filter
  Lan mei, sisi Zhang and weiwei Zhao
  2015,1(3):30-37 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 283.05 K (34)]
Survivability research of fiber-wireless access networks
  Lijing Zhang, Danping Ren and Shanshan Wu
  2015,1(3):38-43 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 268.92 K (32)]
Research and application of green building design in the architectural design of hospital
  Xiaoning Li and Chenguo Chen
  2015,1(3):44-51 [Abstract(175)]  [View PDF 312.85 K (32)]
Simulated calculation of lithium bromide absorption heat pump in various working conditions
  Jianing Liu and Ziping Zhang
  2015,1(3):52-58 [Abstract(101)]  [View PDF 275.67 K (43)]
The design and finite element analysis of the adjustable support device of the automatic assembly machine of expansion bolt
  Pengxia Jin
  2015,1(3):59-65 [Abstract(92)]  [View PDF 567.05 K (36)]
Technology of urban planning rain and flood utilization in coastal plain area—Taking Beihai economic development area in Binzhou as an example
  Chenxiao Cui, Yanjun Li and Fang Wang
  2015,1(3):66-71 [Abstract(102)]  [View PDF 394.39 K (38)]
Study on the optimal part load operation of lake water heat pump for the optimal performance and pollution reduction
  Jinggang Wang, Qiuming Hu, Lingling Bao and Xiaoxia Gao
  2015,1(3):72-81 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 621.28 K (32)]
Customer satisfaction evaluation of D Logistics Company based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
  Huicong Li
  2015,1(3):82-89 [Abstract(92)]  [View PDF 307.73 K (46)]
The research of 30 CrMo steel for ultra-high strength of perforating gun pipe
  Shuling Wang
  2015,1(3):90-98 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 494.55 K (64)]
Research on Work Environment Satisfaction of the new-generation Migrant Workers in Private SEM
  Qi Zhang
  2015,1(3):99-107 [Abstract(97)]  [View PDF 352.18 K (30)]
The prediction and prevention of the rock burst in different mining stages of deep isolated island working face
  Wei Hou, Xuanye Qin and Fei Miao
  2015,1(3):108-114 [Abstract(120)]  [View PDF 521.69 K (33)]
Effects of constant moderate temperatures on energy metabolism and performance of broilers
  Long Zhen, Guida Ma, Yuxiang Shi and Minhong Zhang
  2015,1(3):115-122 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 185.55 K (59)]
Mine exhaust air heat recovery technology based on the theory of heat and mass transfer
  Lingling Bao, Yanan Li, Jinggang Wang and Jiaying Wang
  2015,1(3):123-131 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 316.69 K (40)]
The theory and technologies of “double shell” support in deep soft-engineering rock roadway
  Kai Zhou
  2015,1(3):132-140 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 383.71 K (33)]
The poetry of architecture of the ancient China
  Si Shen
  2015,1(3):141-145 [Abstract(118)]  [View PDF 306.07 K (33)]
An ant colony algorithm with genetic features
  Shujing Zhou and Dan Zhao
  2015,1(3):146-150 [Abstract(96)]  [View PDF 99.26 K (39)]