Volume 1,Issue 1,2015 Table of Contents

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Theoretical study on a ground source heat pump using abandoned frozen pipes as ground heat exchanger
  Jinggang Wang, Xiangyuan Hu and Lingling Bao
  2015,1(1):1-6 [Abstract(118)]  [View PDF 417.89 K (41)]
The bond strength test and the numerical simulation study of the high geothermal diversion tunnel shotcrete – surrounding rock
  Chunlai Qu, Yang Tang, Hui Su, Yu Duan and Haijiang Nie
  2015,1(1):7-17 [Abstract(119)]  [View PDF 408.71 K (40)]
A new type of innovative design for an electric boxing equipment based on TRIZ
  Fan Bai
  2015,1(1):18-24 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 383.34 K (41)]
Prediction of the coal mine gas concentration based on the grid search LSSVM method
  Mingjie Bi and Jun’e Liu
  2015,1(1):25-30 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 286.18 K (41)]
Real estate enterprise competitiveness fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on AHP – Entropy method
  Xiaoqi Zhang
  2015,1(1):31-39 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 191.78 K (38)]
Implementing network coding in fiber – wireless access networks
  Feng Guo, Jie Liu, Yingshuang Liu and Xin Liu
  2015,1(1):40-47 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 582.15 K (34)]
The design of Hongji Bridge Cultural Park based on the tourism concept
  Mengping Jia and Jie Dong
  2015,1(1):48-56 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 559.03 K (32)]
Proportional simulation experiment of the Pulse Echo Method in losing circle measurement
  Zhaopeng Yang
  2015,1(1):57-62 [Abstract(121)]  [View PDF 250.91 K (37)]
The research in the coupling systems of the heat pump and the mine exhaust air recovery device
  Changjian Zhang and Xiaohui Dang
  2015,1(1):63-68 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 211.20 K (36)]
A cross – layer resource allocation scheme for CR – OFDM systems with heterogeneous services based on artificial fish swarm algorithm
  Hua Hou, Jiangmei Zhang, Long Zhang, Jia Fu, Zhiqing Geng and Yanna Ren
  2015,1(1):69-80 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 471.90 K (39)]
Awareness of the aging of the population in the analysis of urban planning and design
  Tao Jin and Mei Bai
  2015,1(1):81-86 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 171.38 K (36)]
The definition and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method for structural ligongju efficiency
  Kui Sun and Shubiao Yang
  2015,1(1):87-96 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 498.61 K (33)]
Study on across the critical CO2 heat pump water heater
  Jinggang Wang and Yang Sun
  2015,1(1):97-101 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 154.38 K (32)]
Study on the load – carrying properties of bored pile under the conditions of saturated sand foundation
  Shasha Li and Wenqing Meng
  2015,1(1):102-106 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 355.01 K (61)]