Journal Theme:

Best Engineering, Best Life


Aims and Scope:

Postgraduate’s Journal of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary specific to graduate student of colleges and universities at home and abroad, aims to cultivate and enhance the academic researches and exchanges in the field of engineering. The journal theme is “Best Engineering, Best Life”, and its topics include the following areas:

Part A: Architecture and Civil Hydraulic Engineering

Part B: Resources and Environmental Engineering

Part C: Mechanical and Electrical Equipment & Materials Engineering

Part D: General Science and Technology Engineering 


The education of postgraduates is of great significance in scientific and technological innovations. Postgraduates are new force in various research fields of science and technology. This journal, Postgraduate’s Journal of Science and Technology, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering and published by Scientific Publishing Canada, provides an international communicating platform for the vast postgraduates.

Postgraduates have a lot of findings and innovative achievements. However, their results could not be published in a short time because many journals will not publish the papers of students. Unlike other current sci-tech journals, this academic journal focuses on multidisciplinary studies and accepts manuscripts from both postgraduates and tutors. The motif of the journal is the “future under the leadership of science and technology.” This journal includes followed columns: Resources and Environmental Engineering; Architectural and Civil Engineering; Hydraulic and Agricultural Engineering; Electro-Mechanical Equipment and IT, and Management Science and Engineering.

We believe that under the guidance of you seniors and with the support of you young scholars, this journal will be one of the best platforms for postgraduates to realize your dreams, to grow in wisdom and to learn more from others in the same research fields.